Dr. Kadiri Bhanu Varun Kumar

About Doctor

 Dr. Kadiri Bhanu Varun Kumar is one of the top Pediatric neonatologists in Hyderabad with over 7 years of experience, dedicated to providing exemplary care to newborns and infants. His varied expertise is inclusive of a wide range of neonatal conditions, ensuring the health and well-being of the tiniest members of our community. Dr. Kumar’s commitment to excellence is evidenced in his approach, combining compassion with cutting-edge medical knowledge. Having spent years honing his skills, he remains at the forefront of medical furtherance in neonatal and pediatric medicine, making him an extremely trusted name in the field. As a compassionate advocate for the little ones,  Dr. K. B. Varun Kumar is dedicated to striving for a nurturing environment for children, offering medical expertise and empathy to families in their trying times.

SpecialityPediatrics & Neonatology
DegreeM.B.B.S, M.D Pediatrics, Fellowship in Neonatology
Work ExperienceOver 7 years

Awards and Recognition

  • Trained and certified in the PALS program
  • Trained and certified in Basic NRP program



  • Capability in diagnosing conditions affecting the internal organs.
  • Expertise in treating patients confined for a variety of Neonatal & pediatric problems.
  • Proficiency in all medical emergency and elective interventional procedures.
  • Skilled in Neonatal intensive procedures like Intubation, Intercostal drainage, exchange blood transfusion, surfactant administration endotracheally, Insure technique, securing an IV access, UVC, UAC, PICC line and Short central line.
  • Outstanding knowledge in using a Ventilator, CPAP, Phototherapy units and various other equipment in a Neonatal Unit.

Publication and Presentation

Presented a scientific paper entitied CLINICAL STUDY OF DKA CHILDREN IN CLAIMS

A case report – Neonatal congenital Methmoglobinemia IJMCR