About us

Welcome to VEM Speciality Clinic Pharmacy! 

We are an integral part of VEM Speciality Clinic, Hyderabad, providing the best possible quality in healthcare solutions. We are committed to offer you individualised medical assistance with the assistance of our highly qualified and empathetic staff while keeping in mind your health, requirements and affordability. Ultimately, your best health is our priority.


Our Service

  • Medical Management: We, at VEM’s Pharmacy are looking to provide holistic medication counselling and management to make sure you understand your prescriptions and medication.
  • Health and Wellness Products: You can promote your well-being by utilising the various healthcare products we offer, ranging from medicines, and supplements to personal commodities.
  • Prescription services: We are committed to help you with fast and accurate prescription tabulation for better time management.
  • Immunisation: Keep up-to-date on your vaccinations with our easy immunisation services and promote preventive care.
  • Medicine Specialisation: Find access to special and lesser-available medication with the help and guidance of our proficient staff.

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