About us

The Diagnostics centre at VEM Speciality Clinics can be your most trusted destination for holistic diagnostic analyses. We are devoted to providing top-notch diagnostic services aimed at a patient-centric approach. Our best-in-class equipment and technical staff help procure accurate and timely analysis to help you receive the best treatment and care.


Our Service

  • Imaging: We look to provide the best-in-class X-ray, CT scan and MRI  imaging services with the help of our advanced equipment.
  • Laboratory: We take pride in housing one of the best diagnostic labs in Hyderabad, that covers a wide range of tests with multiple parameters for accurate analysis.
  • Wellness Checkup: We assist you in taking up regular wellness screenings to monitor and maintain your health and well-being.

At VEM Speciality Clinics, we ensure the best-in-class equipment, environment and professionals to help you receive an accurate analysis, the best treatment and care.

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