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At VEM Speciality clinic’s  General Medicine and Diabetology Department, our mission is to combine compassion with the best medical expertise. We are devoted to providing comprehensive healthcare services with a light on general medicine and diabetology. Our team of committed medical professionals, staff and technicians share the aim to improve the weel-bieng of our patients through individualised and brilliant medical care.

General Medicine and Diabetology
General Medicine and Diabetology

Our Service

  • General Medicine: Our Department of General medicine is committed to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of medical illnesses and conditions. Our board-certified physicians are highly proficient at treating complex cases of medical ailments, serving through accurate analysis, and creating treatment plans as per the patient’s needs
  • Diabetology: Comprehensive Diabetes management is VEM’s Diabetology department main aim and strive to achieve this with the help of the best diabetologists and endocrinologists, working collaboratively to provide excelling and customised care that focus on diabetes management, lifestyle changes and prevention of other complications.
  • Health Solutions and Patient Care: VEM Specialty Clinic provides comprehensive health solutions including personalised check-ups, early ailment detection and lifestyle modification guidance to help patients stay aware in their medical treatment.

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