About us

We at VEM Speciality Clinic, prioritise the health and well-being of your little ones with immense commitment and expertise. Our team of Pediatric and Neonatology specialists is devoted to giving compassionate and extensive care from infancy through adolescence. 

We understand that children and infants require special and unwavering medical attention, and are thus, passionate about maintaining the health and happiness of your little bundles of joy.


Our Service

  • Paediatric consultations: Our specialists offer through consultations to solve or address a wide spectrum of concerns, including routine check-ups and vaccinations to managing acute and chronic illnesses. Our aim is to help every parent through every aspect of their children’s growth, providing customised care as per each child’s needs. 
  • Neonatal Care: The Department of Neonatology at VEM Speciality Clinic is equipped to give specialised care for newborns, along with premature and high-risk babies. Our neonatologists are proficient at treating complex and advanced medical ailments, promising the best possible start for your child’s journey.
  • Immunisation and Prevention assistance: We firmly believe in the curative power of prevention. Our clinic delivers on a wide array of vaccinations and shots to keep your child protected and away from harmful illnesses. Our team interacts carefully and closely with parents to create targeted preventive care and immunisations care that is designed to improve their child’s health and well-being significantly.
  • Development Monitoring: An essential part of paediatric and neonatal care is keeping track of your child’s growth and development. Our expert medical professionals and staff conduct extensive developmental tests and assessments to identify issues in your child’s growth and what its triggers are. This helps pursue a path of quick and accurate interventions and support.
  • Emergency Cases:  Accidents and sickness may occur at any point. Our paediatric and neonatal emergency care facilities are designed with the aim to provide timely and capable medical assistance in your child’s time of need. Our specialists and staff are trained and empathetic enough to handle a huge range of paediatric and neonatal emergencies.

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